Newport Rising - Chartism Redrawn

NEWPORT rising - chartism redrawn

Commissioned by Newport (my hometown) based charity 'Our Chartist Heritage' to create a product based off of the history of the Newport Chartists. Working together with Rhys. D. W and David Daniel we created the Newport Rising festival which included events and a multitude of public workshops, and more specifically for my contribution, the graphic novelised version our history (front page image left) titled -

'Newport Rising - Chartism Redrawn'

For more info or a copy of the product visit www.newportrising.co.uk

Newport Rising - John Frost
Newport Rising - William Jones
Newport Rising - Zephaniah Williams

(From left to Right  -  John Frost  -  William Jones  -  Zephaniah Williams) 

Newport Gaming Club - Christmas kup grand prize

Commissioned by Newport Gaming Club to create a Transformers themed gaming mat design based around the Autobot Kup and his pseudo family, the Dinobots. Created three initial design (pictured below) to fit their our ideas and the style of the characters relationship. The final piece (pictured right) will be awarded to the winner of the tournament. Gamers, roll out!

For more info: 

Twitter @NewportGC

Facebook: Newport Gamng Club

Newport Gaming Club - Christmas Kup

(From left to right - sludge - snarl - slag - kup - grimlock - swoop)

Christmas Kup - Rough 1
Christmas Kup - Roughs 2
Christmas Kup - Roughs 3
Captain America - v4.jpg
Iron Man - v5.jpg


Commissioned by a good friend and local business owner - Guy Jarret - for his barber shop located in Caerleon. The brief was that he wanted some of my artwork in his shop, doesn't matter what it is. Right, Sentai versions of the Avengers - Iron Man (pictured left) and Captasin America (pictured right) - it is good sir!


For more from Guy: 
Facebook @guysbarbershopcaerleon

Insta @guys_barbershop_caerleon

Dungeons and Dragons - Morning Tide

Dungeons AND dragons 
- Morning Tide

Commissioned by a member of a D&D group I have been part of in the past. I actually drew one for the group myself just to practice and then my fellow member saw it and asked me for a full party piece because of that. Best of both worlds for me, got to draw nerdy sh*t and make my friends happy, then saw it as a canvas every time we went to play too.

( From left to right - Rhaegar Talonguard: Human Paladin - Talia: Winter Wolf -

Fitz Greyglade: Tiefling Bard  -  Ronnan Greyglade : Gnome Tinkerer  - 

Anya Arthurs: Tabaxi Druid  -  Garvlath Trem: Half-Orc Cleric )

Dungeons and Dragons - Morning Tide
Dungeons and Dragons - Morning Tide